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Finance Department

Tel: (586) 933-5557

Leasing is a financing option which you pay for the portion of the vehicle's value - depreciation - you expect to use over a period of time, plus a rent charge, taxes and fees. you don't own the vehicle; you drive it for the lease term and return it at lease end.

Finance Personnel

Alice Fisher
New Vehicle Finance

Marty Kavanagh
New Vehicle Finance

John Pagel
Pre-Owned Vehicle Finance & Insurance

Advantages of Leasing

  • A low monthly payment - Because you are paying for the value of the vehicle you expect to use during your lease, plus a rent charge, taxes and fees, rather than the total value of the vehicle, leasing payments are typically lower than traditional financing payments.
  • More vehicle for your money - Leasing makes driving a more expensive vehicle more affordable.
  • Drive a new vehicle more often - Leasing typically has a shorter term than if you purchase for a similar monthly payment, allowing you to drive a new vehicle more often.
  • Drive a vehicle during its most trouble-free years - Most lease terms fall within the manufacturer's warranty.  However, you are responsible for maintenance.
  • Avoid trade-in obligations - you can lease another vehicle, buy the vehicle, or return it at the end of the lease term and walk away (provided you have met all the obligations of your lease).
  • Possible tax advantages - If you use your vehicle primarily for business, leasing can provide tax deductions.  See your tax advisor for details.
  • Convenience - Leasing can be arranged right at Buff Whelan Chevrolet.  In fact, qualified customers can be approved in under an hour.  That's because we believe you should be out enjoying your new vehicle instead of waiting for it to be leased or financed.

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Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Additional financial products include policies that will pay off loans and leases in the event of death or disability.  Ask us about these and other available policies and options.

To Buy or to Lease?